We offer on-demand synthesis of non commercial products for Research.

Need to re-synthesize 100 g or 1 kg of a compound you have just obtained from your R&D team? Use our reactivity to synthesize a batch quickly and in respecting your budget.

Looking for a special organo-phosphorous compound, that has not yet been described in scientific literature? Profit from our know-how in this domain.

Our team is very polyvalent and attentive to its customers needs, so we can defy challenges quickly.

For the Development steps, we have signed agreements with international companies dedicated to Custom Manufacturing. For any demand do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Pharmaceutics:
    intermediates for APIs, resynthesis

  • Cosmetics:
    active substances

  • Synthetic Chemistry:
    raw materials and reagents for R&D

  • Analytical Chemistry:
    references, standards (impurities, metabolites...)

  • Biotechnology:
    development of enzymatic procedures, biomass purifcation...

  • Biology:
    Synthesis of natural molecules (metabolites...)